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Our Services Structure

Our main services offered include:
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medicare SERVICES
cctv camera / biometrics installation
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Specialised Services &

IT Security Solutions

Bold Heart Security Services provides integrated security solutions to private and public sectors, local and international Clientele.

At Bold Heart Security we work together with clients on a clear and commonly defined security strategy aimed at maximizing the protection and safeguarding of our clients and their assets around the clock, giving them peace  of mind and value-added service with a difference.

We provide a wide range of services each tailored specifically to the client's requirements. Our IT Security product range includes the following solutions:

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  • Security Surveillance.
  • CCTV Installation and Maintenance.
  • Biometric Systems and Installation.
  • Security Safe and Strong Room Installation.
  • Private Investigations

Bold Heart Commercial

Community Engagement

Since the increase and the unfortunate occurences of violent service delivery protests and destruction of property, in most parts of South Africa, it has become increasingly important to ensure that there is an ongoing community engagement and social facilitation between retailers, businesses, and their neighbouring communities.

Through targeted engagement, Bold Heart Commercial, deploys a social-sciences, based model to ensure that retailers engage with communities from organisations, both formal and informal, faith-based, sporting groups, schools and business organisations. This allows for better social cohension, grounded relationships, mutual respect, safety and security to exist between consumers and retailers at community level beyond till points.

We provide a wide range of services each tailored specifically to the client's requirements. Our services range as follows:

  • BHG Cyber Unit.
  • BHG Diplomat Unit.
  • BHG Info-Tel Unit.
  • BHG Academy.
  • BHG Aviation.
  • BHG Executive.
  • BHG Tracking Unit.
  • BHG Medical Unit.


Bold Heart Commercial is dedicated to offering excellent service. We always endeavour to meet our deadlines and deliver on large or small orders hence; there is No Job too Big or Too Small, this is our motto and sincere pledge to all our customers.

We strive to uphold the very best of standards in governance, integrity, compliance and long term sustainability. As a developed SME we are determined to acquire the very best competencies and develop our people to grow the business into a significant participant in the South African and broader African economy.

It is with great pleasure to be at your service!

Community Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Bold Heart Security's approach to attain CSR goals encompasses 3 aspects which are:

  • Employee Needs
    We aim at providing our employees with a healthy and safe work environment that allows them to meet both their personal and professional goals.
  • Sustainability Issues
    In recent years significant Knowledge and evidence has emerged about wider impacts of human activities which include climate change, dwindling natural resources, polution etc.
  • Community Concerns
    We believe that contributing to the economic, environmental and social well being of our surrounding communities is not only a responsibility but our duty. We are involved in uplifting the living standards of the communities we live and work in by offering them employment, training and skills transfer.